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Improvements That Help to Sell Des Moines Iowa Real Estate

After making sure that the basic elements of your home are attractive and in good working order, the best way to add value to your house is to update your kitchen and bathrooms. In the current housing market, these are the two areas that can return more than 100% of their cost. The value of these and any other improvements, however, will be in relation to the value of your home, its location, and the value of the homes around it.

Get the Basics Out of the Way

The basic elements cover a lot of territory, and are usually a given for a potential buyer. Your Des Moines Iowa real estate should look freshly painted, inside and out. If possible, your windows should be updated to double pane with seals in place. Your roof should be sound, and your heating system and air conditioning should be working properly. Your basement should be dry. For curb appeal, your landscaping should look professional and be in scale with the home's fa?ade.

Buyers don't want to spend their money on fixing someone else's problems. They are already planning a major purchase and don't want to be burdened with the headache of making repairs after the sale of the home in Des Moines Iowa real estate market. The closer your house comes to move-in-condition and what real estate agents like to call "immaculate", the better.

Kitchen Fabulous

Your kitchen has the power to either wow or strike fear in the heart of a potential buyer. Often the money spent to update countertops, cabinets, appliances, and flooring can be recouped when selling your home, so it's money well spent. When looking at the places you should spend your dollar, think natural. Wooden cabinets, stone countertops, and stone or tile flooring are the finishes of choice. Update your fixtures and add lighting. You don't need stainless steel appliances, but your appliance shouldn't look dated. It is almost universally true that the kitchen is the heart of the home. If you can only afford to make one update, do it here. Bathroom Remodel

If you only have one bathroom, consider adding another. Older homes have charm and graceful lines, but a big complaint is that there aren't enough bathrooms. Before you update the one bathroom you have, consider spending the money on a second bath or half-bath. The current craze is for a walk-in shower addition. If you have nixed the idea of adding a full bath because you don't have room for a tub, consider adding a shower instead; it's becoming a more acceptable alternative. To update an existing bath, add a heated floor, shower enclosure, and replace the cabinets, mirrors, and lighting. The effect you create in the bath has the power to make or break the homey and welcoming feel of your home.

Other Options

If you are considering home improvement and want to put your dollar where it will give you the best value, repair those areas that will put your home in move-in condition and create greater curb appeal. Once those repairs are out of the way, improvements to the kitchen and bathrooms have the best chance of recouping your investment or making a profit when you sell your real estate in Des Moines Iowa.

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